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Crusin' with the Cooks

Enjoy a virtual vacation on the Celebrity Cruise line ship Galaxy in the beautiful Caribbean!

I've made a page for every day of the trip, and you'll find the underlined hyperlinks at the bottom of each page.

The Galaxy docked in San Juan. We arrived

a little after noon on Sat. the 14th of April,

and had our first of a weeks worth of buffet

lunches. We didn't sail until 11pm so we

caught a cab into Old San Juan and poked


El Castillo San Christobal overlooking

city and sea.

Old San Juan from the fort.

Looking out the other way.

From the ship as we leave San Juan after a 10:30 muster drill. We were tired

travelers and finally fell asleep around midnight.

We're off to our first port of call...St. Croix!