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If it's Monday, this must be St. Lucia!




Pulling into the harbor early morning

which was followed by a rather large

breakfast, then off the ship for a tour

of the island.

They call these the Pitons.

We hopped on a sail cat that took us along the

coast, stopping along the way for a swim. There

was plenty of rum punch and bananas along with

reggae music and dancing.

Back on the catamaran, we cruised to the pier

at Soufriere.

Then it was into a van that took us up the hill

to a very stinky active volcano.

Our excursion included a stop at a local hotel in the forest

for a real creole lunch and some Piton beer.

The last leg of the trip was a twisty turny up and down bus ride

back across the island. We passed through a banana plantation,

...and got a view of the Galaxy in harbor from a high cliff.

Arriving back at the ship just in time to shove off for the long

sail all the way down to our next port of Barbados. After an

excellent dinner, do our full 12 laps around the pool deck,

then back to the cabin exausted from this fun day.

Come on along to Barbados!